Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Delusional Stalkers On The Net

Some random being has decided he would like to try to harrass my blog due to a comment it seems another blogger left on his blog that really left him in Complete Emotional Devastation, and he would now like to try and link it back to me, I have shut down my personal blog but I still have my business blog up.

I do not know who left the comment but if he/she is linked to me some how, then my apologies, they obviously got the best of you. How truly sad you allow someone to upset you to that extreme. Im sorry to say though you are not getting your much needed attention from me(leaving me comments asking me to view your blog where you have linked all my info to your anger filled warpath you are on). But desperately trying to track down anyone linked to the horrible natural disaster that affects so many lives just so as to have someone to aim your misguided anger at deeply saddens me.

Severe Mental Instabilities are a sad thing to have to live with, there is help out there for ppl with such issues, so if you are in need I hope you seek help and wish you the best in life.

May God Be Upon You.